As a buyer I understand that a pet or kennel owner cannot absolutely guarantee the health of any puppy they
sell. However the purchaser may have the puppy they purchase examined by two unassociated veterinarians in
the first 7 days after it is received. If it is diagnosed as being an unhealthy pet in their opinion, the puppy will be
replaced. We do not guarantee color, size or flaws that are not life threatening or the ability to reproduce..
If the puppy had to be returned, the seller will pay the expense of returning the puppy and the buyer will pay the
shipping expense of the replacement puppy. The prompt return of the puppy must be accompanied by a written
report from each veterinarian. If the pup is not returned within 7 days of diagnoses, it is considered accepted as-is
and guarantee is void. No guarantees are given on dogs over a year old. Guarantee is void if puppy is resold.

We cannot stand behind hypoglycemia or diarrhea due to stress or improper diets. We do not accept returns for
hernias because they can be fixed for far less that returning the puppy. The puppy will be veterinarian checked
for a health certificate and will be checked for hernias before the shipment. If one is found, the buyer will be
informed. If the puppy should die before it is a year old, it will be replaced if an autopsy is performed and the
cause was congenital, such as heart, liver, or kidney failure;
a veterinarian report must be supplied.
If an autopsy is not performed, this guarantee is void and the puppy will not be replaced. If a puppy must be
replaced, it will be replaced with the next available, same-sex puppy of the same quality and the shipping expense
and new health certificate will be paid by the buyer. This guarantee is void if the replacement puppy is resold.

I understand that Unique Pomeranians or it’s owners will not, under any circumstances, make any refunds on
puppies. I understand that
I [the purchaser] will assume any and all veterinarian costs and any other expense that I
might incur in connection with this puppy and will waive any cost whatsoever against unique Pomeranians and it’s
owners. By signing, I agree that Unique Pomeranians is not responsible for any veterinarian bills I incur for any
reason and understand they will not refund any of the purchase price of this puppy for any reason.

I understand that Unique Pomeranians will mail this puppy’s American Kennel Club (AKC) papers upon clearance of
the buyer’s payment and this Buyer Contract signed and returned. Allow at least three weeks for AKC registration
papers; perhaps longer. If puppy is being shipped the puppy will only be shipped after it is paid for in full and
payment has cleared. I understand that no other guarantees are meant or implied.
Our Guarantee
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