How much will my puppy cost?
Each puppy’s price is determined on many things. Prices are most often between $450.00 and $2,500.00  plus shipping

What is the cost of shipping and what does it include?
Puppies are shipped from Ontario California, Or  The cost is $350.00, This includes: a pet crate, a health certificate, and a
plane ticket.

Can I do a pickup instead of having my puppy shipped? Sure! In fact, if you live under 200 miles away, we’ll even meet
you half way. If we drive to meet you, a small charge will be incurred to offset our expenses. If the puppy has not been
paid for at time of pickup
, cash is  the only acceptable payment option!  (No personal checks are accepted).

When will my puppy ship? Where will it be delivered?
All puppies are shipped out of Ontario California International Airport via Continental Airlines on a climate-controlled
counter-to-counter service. You should make arrangements to be available to receive the puppy at your near-by airport
during the puppy’s scheduled arrival. Typically, puppies will be shipped at 12 weeks of age and at least 1.75 lbs. How
ever, some of the very tiny puppies may be held up to 20 weeks at seller’s discretion (for health reasons). Puppy must be
paid in full, 7 days prior to shipping date.

How does my deposit work? What if I change my mind?
Deposits are non-refundable $500. If you put down a deposit on a puppy and you fell in love with another, it’s simple! (1.)
As long as the puppy you originally chose is less than 8 weeks old, we can transfer your deposit to another available
puppy of your choice. (2.) After your originally chosen puppy is 10 weeks old, it is considered sold and your deposit is no
longer transferable. (3.) If your puppy was 8 weeks or older at the time of deposit, it is considered to be sold immediately.

Do you offer returns or refunds?
Puppies sales are final and non-refundable as described by the Buyer/Seller agreement. If you, for some reason, YOU  
cannot keep your new puppy, we will be glad to help you find a new home for it.

Why does’t my puppy look like the one pictured in the photograph?
Some customers have reported that they have spotted some of my pictures that have been stolen from my site and put on I wanted to warn people to be cautious when purchasing your new puppy. Stealing photographs is fraud.
Typically, fraudulent sellers will ask you to send money via wire (Western Union or similar service). This is an uninsured
money transfer and you will have no way of retrieving the funds if it ends up in the wrong hands. Never send money to a
puppy seller using this payment method. To report fraud, please call 800-876-7060.

Will my Pomeranian be AKC registered?
All puppies come with an American Kennel Club (AKC) registration form. Unless requested for breeding or show purposes,
all puppies will be eligible for a limited registration.

What’s included with my puppy’s health guarantee?
Your puppy is guaranteed to be free of all congenital defects and genetic disorders up until 1 year of age. Refer to the
Buyer Contract for further details.

Can I get a show quality Pomeranian  from Unique Pomeranians?
All puppies are sold as pet quality however, that’s not to say we don’t offer show quality; it’s just not guaranteed.

Can I use my puppy for breeding?
If you are looking to breed your new puppy, please call me and we can discuss the details.

What should I feed my new Pomeranian Puppy?
Here at Unique Pomeranians we only use Eukanuba for small breed Puppy. This is our choice. We start our puppies on
Puppy Eukanuba for small breed puppy at 6 weeks of age and as they mature (approximately 12 months) we introduce
adult Eukanuba maintenance for small breed.

What foods or treats should I avoid? Most importantly, never give your puppies any products with rawhide in it.
Although we do not encourage feeding your puppies with table scraps, chicken, fish, and other high-protein (but low-
sodium) meats are acceptable in moderation. However, it is imperative you avoid the following: grapes (raisins), nuts,
onions, chocolate, tomatoes, avocado, candy (other sugars).
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