Buyer assumes all costs associated with shipping. Understand that we will NOT ship a puppy unless we feel that the
conditions are safe, and that the puppy is ready to make the trip. We do this to ensure that your puppy will arrive safe
and healthy.

As a general rule, puppies are ready to ship when they are 8 weeks old or older. However, we reserve the right to
determine when the puppies are ready to be shipped.  We will not ship puppies until their weight reaches two pounds.
We do our very best to get your puppy to you as soon as possible, but there are sometimes delays, Inclement weather
conditions ( to hot or to cold), hazardous driving conditions, flight schedules and puppy development are all out of our
Shipping is available for an additional $300.00 in the USA ONLY!

The shipping price  includes the Airline fees, Health certificate required by the  airlines and the airline approved crate.

We ship out of Ontario California International Airport or Depending on the situation, &  if we can not ship out of The Ontario
International Airport, we then use the  Los Angeles International Airport as an alternate airport, for an extra fee of
$100.00 More For Gas & Miles!  
1) Delta
2) Continental Air
3) American Airlines
3) Alaska Air
4) United
5) Canada Air
Airlines we use
We also HAND DELIVER to you in  Southern California,
We do have a flat rate for delivery with in the 100 mile radius of $100.00
If we have to deliver more then 100 mile radius, then you would have to call us to find out how much for the miles we have to go
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