We feel that the AKC registries fits our breed standard the best! Our AKC  Pomeranian puppies come
from really beautiful healthy bloodlines, with lots of CHAMPIONS in their  Pedigrees, If you would like to  
email me for more information on any available puppies we may have feel free, my email is located at the
bottom of this page.

   Our AKC puppies that are sold with limited registration are expected to be SPAYED OR NEUTERED by
the time they are  6 months of age. Limited AKC registration  applications will be released after the proof of
spay or neuter  by a licenced veterinarian has been received. Our Pomeranian babies are placed in loving
pet homes ONLY! Unless stated otherwise to have a full registered dog.

When you email me ?
 I would like to know about you, your family, where you live what kind of pets do you have  and if you
have a fenced in yard, plus what is the purposed in  your interest in one of our  Pomeranian Puppies?
What color you would like?
Would you like a male or female?

 All of Our Pom Babies will come with their first vaccination, plus wormings at the right time, vaccines
will start at 5 weeks of age and our vaccines consist of 5 in one;
  Canine Distemper
  Adenovirus Type 2
  Parvovirus Vaccine
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