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Hello &  Welcome
To Unique Pomeranians
We are Salma, Jerry &  Victor Castaneda
We would LOVE to share with you
The Pomeranian Breed
We are Located in Sunny Southern California
Our Pomeranian Puppies come with one  ( 1 ) Year health guaranteed against any life
threatening issues!

We only have 1 ( one) litter a year on any female we breed

These Beautiful creatures make excellent pets for families with or with out children

We have available;

Pet Companion
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Breeding Quality

Our babies range from 2.5 to 7 pounds full grown, and some occasions they will get a bit bigger,
We do not breed for the under the 4 pounds range, the standard is 4 to 7 pounds..

We specialize in all colors from:
Red, Orange, Orange Sable, Cream sable, Black, Cream, Blue, white, Ivory whites, Parti colors,
Black & Tan,  Merle's & Merle Parti Colors.

We have been providing quality care for your puppy and desire for you to continue that. We
keep each one updated in all their vaccines, etc, &  feed them a high quality feed.

You will be responsible for the daily health, feeding, care, and maintenance of your pet, including
all immunizations and examinations recommended after purchase,  as well as providing
necessary medication and follow-up treatments from veterinarian visits.  After the puppy leaves
our premises, since we cannot control their feeding and care habits
WE CANNOT be held
responsible if the puppy suffers from hypoglycemia, or for their size and general health.
However, if our feeding and care instructions are as followed, you can expect the best results.

We recommend that you take the puppy to your veterinarian within 48 hrs,  of purchase, so
they can verify that the puppy is in excellent health and to establish your future vaccine

We endeavor to answer any questions that you may have about your puppy now or in the years
to come. We are just a phone call away! We hope you and your new "Puppy" will enjoy a long
and happy life together.